--mathew bishop

usage: Software Development

HOME=Kansas City, MO



technologies=("HTML", "CSS", "JavaScript", "PHP", "SQL", "Git")


Hi, I'm Matt. Type a command to learn more

These are the available commands:

  • exp      Learn more about my professional experience
  • proj      Displays projects I've worked on
  • int      Some of my interests and hobbies
  • cont      What/Who I read, watch, and listen to
  • about      Personal details
  • help      Displays available commands
  • clear      Clears output and returns to top

⇾ mathewbishop.com $

Type "help" for available commands

--professional experience



Filter articles of interest from Hacker News

The Y-Curator project home page.

Reigning Grace Counseling Center

I do volunteer work on this website.

Reigning Grace Counseling Center home page.